To subscribe to the platform, you can start with a 3 days trial to test and discover all our platform, after that you can choose to continue your subscription. In that case there is nothing to do, you will be automatically subscribed. Otherwise, if you want to stop the subscription after your 3 days trial it is possible, but you won’t have access anymore to the platform and its content.

You can have access to the contents of the platform by subscribing on our website. To do so it is very easy, you just need to create an account on the platform and start working out.

We only have one kind of subscription plan to make your life easier. You only have to subscribe to the platform and enjoy the content we are providing you.

On the platform you have access to a lot of content and the eBooks are a part of it. If you want to download an eBook go on the eBook tab of the website, choose the one that is inspiring you, click on it and a page will automatically open on your browser. After that you can read the eBook on the web page or download it and save it on your device.

To become a member of the platform you need to provide us some basic informations. These informations will be useful for us to identify you among all our subscribers, it is also necessary for you to create an account to be able to login and have access to all the premium content.

The membership on our platform is based on a monthly plan. Which means that you will pay every month to access to the service.